Dialogues in Distance

Dialogues in Distance

1. Sidelines

2. Going Home (Featuring Andy Maitland)

3. Between Michigan & Georgia

4. Double Down

5. Ted Mosby

6. Won't You Say Goodnight?

7. Swing that Moon into Flight

Dialogues in Distance was my first album, recorded primarily to help promote my live tour. Its tracks are filled with stories of my travels and tours, from the geographically bound songs like "Between Michigan & Georgia" to the Vegas inspired "Double Down".

The writing process for this album was everywhere. Lyrics jotted down on a napkin in South Dakota would become a live track in Fresno. Each adventure fed the process, which it turn supplied more adventure.

As my touring popularity grew, the need for an album became apparent. So, with the help good friends in a make shift studio in Detroit, we set aside two weekends that would become Dialogues in Distance. We kept things simple, opting for acoustic tracks whenever possible and a raw recording style that had defined my live performances.

Jerry Arlen: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Production, Mixing

Jon Accord: Production, Mixing, Bass Guitar, Percussion Andy Maitland: Drums, Banjo