From Factories to Fortunes


From Factories to Fortunes

1. Introduction

2. Dancing Blue

3. 1942

4. Drive Me Home

5. George & I

6. Sidelines

7. Breaker Love

8. Window Away

9. A Brief Interlude (My Neighborhood)

10. Disappear

11. Touchdown!

For this album, I paused touring in L.A and came back to Michigan for six months. My goal was to capture some essence of my upbringing in rural Michigan. I wanted to produce something that gave a voice to poor families who felt marginalized by a community of detached policy makers living hundreds of miles away.

I spent the first three months working in a boot factory ten hours a day, writing lyrics about the experience on my breaks. Cold 5am mornings, cigarette breaks and daily energy drinks became my reality. After the first month, I'd stayed long enough that people began to open up to me about their lives. Growing up in a factory town, much was familiar to me, but it was still staggering to learn the extent that people went through to to provide for their families and simply survive.

Once I had written the majority of the lyrics on the factory floor, I quit. For the next three months I isolated myself in a recording studio and produced "From Factories to Fortunes" . The name was meant to highlight the irony of working conditions and the empty promises made to hardworking Americans.

Jerry Arlen: Guitar, piano, bass, keys, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, recording, mixing

Mastering proudly done by AudioBay, a Michigan company.

Live Release Date: November 2012

Released digitally: January 2013