Winner “Best Time-based Art” in 2018 Science as Art Competition

For the second year in a row, I won the University of Michigan’s Science as Art competition with my composition “Biotechnics”. The contest asks us to use scientific principles to create media. Last year, I tried to encapsulate the Big Bang as an audio concept, this year I looked at internal biochemistry of the human body. The work was displayed in the Hatcher Graduate Library for the month of February. Below you will find the track and my abstract that accompanied it.

Abstract for Biotechnics 

This piece of music is designed to represent musically the release of serotonin in the body while producing the same sensation in the brain of the listener. It uses airy guitars, liquid like synthesizers and the steady rhythm of a heart pumping these textures through the body of the song to create an audio journey that feels like an emotional experience. If listened closely, the composition should give the listener a unique and memorable audio experience that is reminiscent of the complex chemical processes in a biological organism. 

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