“Matches” Premiering Next Month @ Traverse City Film Festival


One of my most recent films, Matches, is premiering at the end of July at the Traverse City Film Festival. This will be my third year composing a film that premiers there, and I have to say I appreciate the excuse to take a great drive up Michigan and eat an unnecessary amount of fudge. I’m proud of the score to Matches, it makes use of some fun synth effects to convey the theme of love in a futuristic society. You can take a listen to one of the tracks here, which I haven’t publicized.

For me, love almost always signals a major key. I knew the future will push us deeper into digital methods of music making, so I sought a bridge between that romanticism and our modernism. I hope you get a chance to get out to the TCFF and check it out, but if not, a compilation of some of my best work is on the way soon.

My best,

Groove (2017) wins Best Director @ Long Island Film…


My first musical walked away from the Long Island Film Festival with a Best Director award for Ryan McDonough and continues to premiere nationally.

Working with Ryan, Sydney, Sha and Sam while crafting the songs for Groove was an exciting and creative time. It’s great to see the film doing so well on the festival circuit. If it comes to a town near you, I’d recommend checking it out. You can find out more information by heading to the FB page for Groove here.

My best,


A New Score: “Title Card”

I’ve put together a score for a local competition to test out some new production choices. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

Updates for July 2016

Well, I haven’t done the best job keeping this website fully updated, but I’ve also been balancing quite a few projects including new scores and a new album coming out in 2017.

It’s been an active summer for me. I was in NYC for the month of May shooting a musical I composed and as soon as I returned to Michigan, I began work on the score for an upcoming TV pilot. This summer I’ve also begun the process of producing demos for my third studio album. In the meantime, I’ll be posting new material, updates and stories as I produce them.