…From Writer/Director Carly Keys

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jerry on my two most recent productions, Present Day, a 25-minute short film, and Recovering, an original one-hour pilot.
Music is everything to me—as a passionate singer-songwriter in addition to my primary vocation as a writer-producer—and I often incorporate specific musical notions into my scripts, but I know that in order to achieve the best for what my productions needs, I hire only the best in the given field… and that is Jerry.
Not only did Jerry score both of my productions according to intentional and purposeful influences to suit the theme and tone of the stories, but he also wrote original songs, one of which was performed live by a lead actor in-scene (whom he also coached). Jerry is extremely easy to work with and accomodating: Whenever I offered input, he incorporated it effortlessly to give me the end result I so desired.

I don’t anticipate working with another composer ever again after the great success I’ve had with Jerry. He and I have forged a partnership that I know will only produce personal and professional symbiosis moving forward in our respective artistic journeys.”

– Writer/Director Carly Keys


University of Michigan  |  2018
– Bachelor in Film, Television & Digital Media w/minor in music
– Bachelor in History

Awards & Recognition

2018 University of Michigan Science as Art Competition Best Time-Based Medium for “Biotechnics”.
2018 M-Powered Spotlight First Prize for “Rooted Tree”.
2018 Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival Best Domestic Film for Groove
2017 Long Island Film Festival Best Director for Groove
2017 University of Michigan Science As Art Competition Best Time-Based Medium for “The Big Bang”
2017 M-Powered Spotlight Second prize for “Title Card”


I believe in honest, straight forward communication. Most of a composer’s work is done remotely, which means responding to your emails and revisions quickly. I like to create demos for nearly every project I work on and share them with you. From there I use your feedback to reshape the score until it’s perfect for your project.


Contact me for a quote on your project, prices are available based on per-minute rates or whole project estimates.